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Setup Guide will help out you in the installation or configure your devices like, Printer, Router, TV, Browser, Laptop, and Mobile step-by-step process. For first time users who have faced any issues with their devices, this guide will provide you with the information you need.

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How expert will help you!

Our expert will make a guide for you with everything from to assembly to configuring settings and connecting to other devices. By visiting our guide, you will be able to fully utilize your new gadgets or software and take advantage of all its features.

How it work?
Unboxing and Assembly of Gadget

Follow the instructions provided in the manual or on the setup guide to properly assemble your printer.

Installing Software Packages or Driver

2nd Step, you will need to install any necessary software and drivers on your computer.

Configuring Settings and Testing

After installing software packages of gadgets, you will need to configure the settings to your preferences.

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